Inte Q Announces Three-Year Contract Extension with Do it Best Corp.

Inte Q, a leader in customer loyalty, is proud to announce a multi-year extension of its agreement to provide loyalty services to Do it Best Corp., a member-owned hardware, lumber and building materials cooperative based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Do it Best is the second largest home improvement co-op in the industry with sales surpassing $3 billion in 2017.

“We are delighted to continue our relationship with Inte Q. Over the last six years we have built a strong partnership and the enhancements they have made to our customer loyalty program have impacted our bottom line quite positively.” Corbin Prows, Loyalty and Online Marketing Manager

In 2011, Inte Q began working with Do it Best Corp. to help enhance their customer loyalty program across multiple, independently-owned stores. The challenge with a co-op like Do it Best Corp. is that participation in loyalty or rewards programs is optional and there can be large variations in the program design from store to store.

Inte Q has been able to overcome this challenge with advanced technology that allows total customization of a loyalty program at the store level. The reward point offerings, redemption thresholds and communication plans vary from store to store and can be easily customized by each individual store owner.

“Before working with Inte Q, we knew we needed better access to customer data. Inte Q’s loyalty dashboards are easy to use and provide detailed customer data down to the store level, allowing us to make strategic, data-driven marketing decisions,” states Prows.

In 2011, just over 200 stores were participating in the Best Rewards program and as of this year, that number has jumped to over 600. This can be attributed to program enhancements, investments in technology and people and an excellent partnership.

“We are enthusiastic over the extended partnership with Do it Best Corp. and look forward to continuing to work together over the next few years to better engage customers and drive sales,” said Brian Hartman, Chief Client Officer for Inte Q.