Inte Q Announces Three-Year Contract Extension with Do it Best Corp.

Inte Q, a leader in customer loyalty, is proud to announce a multi-year extension of its agreement to provide loyalty services to Do it Best Corp., a member-owned hardware, lumber and building materials cooperative based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Do it Best is the second largest home improvement co-op in the industry with sales surpassing $3 billion in 2017.

“We are delighted to continue our relationship with Inte Q. Over the last six years we have built a strong partnership and the enhancements they have made to our customer loyalty program have impacted our bottom line quite positively.” Corbin Prows, Loyalty and Online Marketing Manager

In 2011, Inte Q began working with Do it Best Corp. to help enhance their customer loyalty program across multiple, independently-owned stores. The challenge with a co-op like Do it Best Corp. is that participation in loyalty or rewards programs is optional and there can be large variations in the program design from store to store.

Inte Q has been able to overcome this challenge with advanced technology that allows total customization of a loyalty program at the store level. The reward point offerings, redemption thresholds and communication plans vary from store to store and can be easily customized by each individual store owner.

“Before working with Inte Q, we knew we needed better access to customer data. Inte Q’s loyalty dashboards are easy to use and provide detailed customer data down to the store level, allowing us to make strategic, data-driven marketing decisions,” states Prows.

In 2011, just over 200 stores were participating in the Best Rewards program and as of this year, that number has jumped to over 600. This can be attributed to program enhancements, investments in technology and people and an excellent partnership.

“We are enthusiastic over the extended partnership with Do it Best Corp. and look forward to continuing to work together over the next few years to better engage customers and drive sales,” said Brian Hartman, Chief Client Officer for Inte Q.




Inte Q Ranked as a Strong Performer in Customer Loyalty by Independent Research Firm

Inte Q, a leader in CRM, loyalty, and paid tier programs is proud to announce that they have been rated a ‘Strong Performer’ by Forrester Research in the recently released report, The Forrester Wave™: Customer Loyalty Solutions, Q3 2017.

The report calls to attention that Inte Q has revamped nearly their entire business. “Change is the name of the game for Inte Q…all of this transformation gives Inte Q a more focused position in the market,” stated Forrester. Over the last year, Inte Q has hired a new CMO and COO, and pivoted its offering from a largely
customized, full-service one to a more productized one focused on delivering paid-tier loyalty programs at zero cost to brands.

By overhauling the go-to-market message to focus on creating “Customer Love” and launching a proprietary “Customer Love Score,” Inte Q is able to help brands track against transactional, emotional, and brand measures. Inte Q is one of only four vendors cited by Forrester that have developed or are developing
frameworks to help clients design programs that address and measure the impact of customer emotion.

Forrester also stated that Inte Q’s customers “find Inte Q to be a responsive strategic partner” and one client described Inte Q’s people as “smart, humble, and enjoyable to work with.”

“Our biggest strength lies in our ability to relate to and understand our clients and their customers. By adding individuals to our team with extensive experience on both the vendor and client side, we understand how to make client relationships work really well.” stated Chris Duncan, Chief Marketing Officer of Inte Q.

“I could not be more proud of our company for this significant accomplishment and recognition. We have worked extremely hard to be at the forefront of developments in our industry and are enthusiastic about bringing the “Customer Love Score” to the marketplace.”

Read the full Forrester Wave™ Report and the rankings for each loyalty service provider.

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Loyalty Marketing Agency Inte Q Adopts Reach Analytics As Their Predictive Marketing Platform For Customer Acquisition

Reach Analytics, the leading provider of automated predictive marketing for brands, today announced being chosen by Inte Q, a leading marketing and analytics agency, as their predictive marketing platform—greatly advancing the agency’s capabilities in consumer profiling and customer acquisition for clients.

Inte Q is a marketing agency, specializing in loyalty programs, CRM and paid-tier marketing programs for many great client brands including Adidas, Reebok, Eileen Fisher, Complete Nutrition, Pep Boys and more. Reach’s automated predictive platform will help the agency better understand their client’s customers and allow them to maximize relationships over time.

The Reach Analytics predictive cloud offers marketers the unparalleled ability to create predictive profiles in real time, without needing to wrangle data and or involve data managers or data scientists. To produce each profile, the Reach platform builds hundreds of predictive models behind the scenes and algorithmically regresses to the best fitting model, in minutes.

Real-time profiling means marketers can use the platform to rapidly build consumer profiles based on their segmentation strategy of choice—per product line, per geography (zip, state or region), per channel, per store, or per purchase type (online versus offline; high avg. purchase), etc. The platform produces the consumer and ideal prospect profile and instantly makes prospect information available for download based on the results.

“What’s impressive is how Reach has automated the entire process – from model building to customer profiling to prospect generation. Honestly, what they do is amazing and incredibly innovative,” said Steve Kietz, President at Inte Q. “Their ability to analyze customer data and profile consumers is way beyond what anyone is doing in the market. Other companies say they’re doing the things that Reach is actually doing.”

After a careful evaluation process across multiple levels in the organization, Inte Q selected Reach’s automated predictive platform in order to quickly generate full and accurate profiles of their clients’ customers, create more effective acquisition campaigns, and develop more relevant customer strategies for clients.

“Brands want agencies to reduce complexity across the board. Agencies are on the hook to connect all the pieces and just make things work—no excuses—especially when it comes to the sea of advertising and marketing technology,” said Bruno Delahaye, CEO at Reach Analytics. “Predictive technology has become a mandatory part of the marketing stack and Inte Q’s commitment to making it a seamless part of their offering is going to put them ahead of the hype.”

In the past, marketers were accustomed to making assumptions about ideal customers and potential buyers, often attributing traits to segments like “Eco-Conscious Moms” based on anecdotal evidence or severely fragmented data, which—when put to the test—failed to correlate to, or predict, future purchase behavior.

Inte Q chose Reach’s predictive technology to gain the power to analyze hundreds of variables and characteristics and get a true, dynamic view of consumers that will help uncover their clients’ best prospects.

The Reach Analytics predictive cloud is a predictive intelligence platform designed for brands and new customer acquisition. It lets consumer marketers, for the first time, uncover insights about their customers and find prospects – faster, easier and more accurately than previously possible.

Sign up for a free trial to try it for yourself.

About Inte Q
Inte Q builds marketing programs that enhance customer retention, strengthen brand loyalty and drive incremental customer engagement. With over 35 years in the loyalty marketing business, Inte Q is a marketing leader focused on loyalty and CRM programs, paid-tier loyalty programs, marketing strategy, analytics, engagement benefits and platform services. With offices in the US and London, Inte Q serves clients in the retail, financial services and travel/hospitality industries. For additional information, please visit

About Reach Analytics
Reach Analytics provides automated predictive solutions for brands – powering customer acquisition and marketing programs across all major consumer industries. The Reach Analytics Predictive Cloud enables marketers to develop a deeper understanding of their customers and accurately discover and reach their best prospects. With market-leading modeling and data analysis, Reach Analytics supports growth and creates profitable business results for customers. Find out more at

Inte Q Hires Technology and Database Marketing Veteran Terry McCarthy as Chief Operating Officer

Terry McCarthy, Inte Q, inteq
Terry McCarthy Chief Operating Officer Inte Q

Inte Q, a leader in loyalty programs, CRM and paid-tier marketing programs is pleased to announce the appointment of Terry McCarthy as Chief Operating Officer.

“With a proven track record of leading and growing companies in technology, database marketing and marketing services, Terry brings many years of exceptional leadership experience, business acumen and a strategic vision to the Inte Q team,” Jeffrey Harris, CEO Inte Q stated. In his role as COO, McCarthy will oversee the technology, teleservices, production, compliance, HR and finance areas.

McCarthy joins Inte Q after spending 24 years at The Allant Group, a Chicago-based database marketing and technology firm where he was most recently the President for the last eight years. In this role, he transformed The Allant Group from a small data provider into a database marketing industry leader.

In addition, McCarthy also serves as a managing partner, board member and advisory board member for multiple companies around the country, helping them with their strategic growth plans for revenue, profitability and value.

McCarthy is a graduate of Northern Illinois University.

About Inte Q

Inte Q builds marketing programs that enhance customer retention, strengthen brand loyalty and drive incremental customer engagement. With over 35 years in the loyalty marketing business, Inte Q is a marketing leader focused on loyalty and CRM programs, paid-tier loyalty programs, marketing strategy, analytics, engagement benefits and platform services. With offices in the US and London, Inte Q serves clients in the retail, financial services and travel/hospitality industries. For additional information, please visit

Inte Q Hires Retail Marketing Veteran Chris Duncan as Chief Marketing Officer for Loyalty Marketing

inteq, inte q, chris ducan
Chris Duncan Chief Marketing Officer Inte Q

Inte Q, a leader in loyalty programs, CRM and paid-tier programs is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Duncan as Chief Marketing Officer.

“With strong experience in both retail and loyalty, Chris brings an exceptional dual perspective to the Inte Q team,” Jeffrey Harris, CEO Inte Q stated. “He has a proven track record in omni-channel marketing and advertising, launching loyalty programs for several large retail brands.”

Duncan joins Inte Q from Kohl’s Department Stores, where he was most recently the Vice President, Digital and CRM Marketing for the past four years, leading their digital transformation and launching their award-winning loyalty program. Prior to that, Duncan was Vice President of Marketing for OfficeMax, leading their B2B and B2C marketing teams.

Duncan graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in Accounting.

Inte Q Acquires Teleformix LLC

Combination Creates Unique Market Leader in Brand Loyalty Management Services

Inte Q, a leading sponsor-funded customer loyalty program and customer relationship management services provider, today announced it has acquired Teleformix LLC, a leading developer of participant-funded customized loyalty and affinity solutions. The combined entity has current annualized revenues in excess of $60 million and over 200 employees in the U.S. and U.K. Financial terms of transaction were not disclosed. “Together, Inte Q and Teleformix will deliver unparalleled, innovative, affordable solutions to our clients’ strategic brand loyalty management needs. This combination is a game changer for our collective and growing base of clients, employees and partners. In an industry where insight and responsiveness drive client satisfaction, the combined entity will offer a superb talent base, best-of-class technology platforms, unique product and service offerings, world class analytics and international reach,” said Jeffrey Harris, CEO, Inte Q. “We are pleased and excited to welcome Scott Dzierzynski and the Teleformix team to the Inte Q family.”

“The powerful combination of Inte Q, a sponsor-funded provider of loyalty and data driven marketing support, and Teleformix, a member-funded loyalty program operator, creates a uniquely positioned marketing service firm providing loyalty strategy and delivery to leading brands in the U.S. and U.K,” added Steve Kietz, Inte Q president. “Inte Q, which has been in business for nearly two decades, supports retailer loyalty brand management programs that encompass nearly 100 million consumer participants. Teleformix, which has an even longer history of providing membership loyalty programs, serves leading credit card issuers and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies and top-tier direct marketers.”

“In a marketplace where the dynamics of loyalty and the economics surrounding funding of brand loyalty programs are continually evolving, we can offer unique solutions because we have a variety of brand loyalty and affinity product/service offerings with which to work and customize— from the traditional sponsor pay model, to the self-sustaining member pay approach, to a combination thereof. Given our ability to forge efficient, effective loyalty programs without regard to payer origin, we are one of the few marketing services firms that is able to drive significant economic benefits to any client we serve,” noted Kietz. “Our capabilities to leverage real time customer and transaction information using the latest big data tools across an omnichannel solution set, delivers incredible value for our clients and their customers,” Kietz added.

Inte Q has established a merger integration team to be headed by Steve Kietz, Inte Q President, assisted by Scott Dzierzynski, Teleformix CEO & Dave Martin, Chief People Officer at Inte Q. The Company expects the integration to be fully completed by 4th quarter, 2015 at which point Inte Q intends to change its name to Inte Q Global LLC.

Inte Q was advised by the investment banking firm of River Branch Holdings LLC, which recently entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Piper Jaffrey Companies, and the law firm of Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP. Teleformix was advised by Mesirow Financial, Inc.’s Investment Banking group and the law firm of Freeborn and Peters.

About Inte Q
Inte Q is a leader in the loyalty and database marketing industry. The Company specializes in helping leading retailers and other industry segments gather and analyze relevant customer behavior and demographic data. Inte Q creates and executes a wide range of insight-based programs that drive greater customer engagement and profitability. Relied upon by industry-leading retail brands, Inte Q’s services and solutions include program strategy and leading edge technologies that enable seamless integration of its platform with client systems. Based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, the Company has been serving the loyalty program and data analysis needs of major retailers since 1998. For additional information, please visit

About Teleformix LLC
Teleformix brings to the market proven solutions to suit every channel and client need. From full customization to turnkey programs, Teleformix has a deep understanding of loyalty and brand affinity programs. Collaborating with Teleformix clients, we use platforms, benefits and expertise to provide solutions for each opportunity. The Company is based in Itasca, Illinois with offices in London, England. For additional information, please visit

Inte Q Greets PAPYRUS As New Client

 Inte Q, a leading customer loyalty program and CRM services provider, has been selected by the Schurman Retail Group, the largest privately held specialty retailer of personal expression products in North America, to manage and enhance loyalty program services for PAPYRUS, a favorite retail destination for elegant, fun, and intimate cards for any occasion. As part of this multi-year agreement, Inte Q will build on “Perks by PAPYRUS”, its unique loyalty program experience, adding opportunities for customers to receive new offers and benefits to help ensure customers access and enjoy the full range of PAPYRUS products.

“PAPYRUS products touch customers’ hearts and imagination, providing a unique opportunity to build loyalty and preference with product experiences,” said Steven Kietz, president of Inte Q. “We are very excited to leverage our deep understanding of retail consumer behavior, technology and services to create a successful multi-channel experience for PAPYRUS.”

Inte Q’s history starts with one of the first retail loyalty programs in America, a fact that underscores the company’s rich understanding of the retail industry and experience designing and executing strategies enabled by technology, insights and services. Inte Q has a reputation for excellence in the development and deployment of scalable, successful programs that reward and grow customer value and engagement.

“We were impressed by Inte Q’s firm grasp of the specialty retail customer and the experience we want to deliver,” said Nelson Tejada, Chief Merchandising Officer for PAPYRUS. “With their methodology, strategies and ability to measure the value of a customer, we are confident that the program we launch will have significant customer appeal and will drive results for our stores.”

Inte Q has leading edge expertise in optimizing marketing programs for higher levels of customer attraction and retention. Using advanced technology and expert skills in data modeling and analysis, Inte Q delivers marketing programs that provide a measurable structure for tracking, recognizing and rewarding customer buying behaviors that result in a higher level of shopping engagement and increased levels of profitability.


PAPYRUS has 190 locations in the United States and Canada. It was founded in the family kitchen of Marcel and Margrit Schurman in 1950 in the San Francisco Bay area. The brand name originates from the earliest form of paper created from the PAPYRUS plant. PAPYRUS has become a favorite retail destination for elegant, fun, and intimate cards for any occasion. PAPYRUS products create and celebrate special moments in people’s lives. PAPYRUS recently expanded to open unique shop-in-shop boutiques within its stores, featuring NIQUEA. D gifts. NIQUEA. D features irresistible treasures that blend old world charm and new world glamour. For more information on PAPYRUS and NIQUEA. D, please visit PAPYRUS and NIQUEA. D.

Schurman Retail Group is the largest privately held specialty retailer of personal expression products in North America. Established in 1950 as an importer of European paper products, the company now comprises a dynamic family of more than 400 retail stores and four retail brands: PAPYRUS, NIQUEA. D, Carlton Cards and American Greetings.

SHC Direct LLC Changes Name To Inte Q And Launches New Just-In-Time Funding Technology For Gift And Loyalty Cards

SHC Direct LLC, a leading customer loyalty program and CRM services provider, is changing its name to Inte Q™ and introducing a patented new technology enabling retailers to fund gift and loyalty reward cards at the time of use instead of funding when cards are issued.

Launched in 1998, the SHC Direct name combined a legacy identity and expertise in direct consumer engagement.   Despite major advances in retail customer acquisition and retention services, the SHC Direct name was frequently equated with direct mail, which represents only one aspect of the company’s services.  Inte Q (pronounced “inteh-que”) better reflects the company’s complete scope of intelligent analytic, strategic and delivery services.  In conjunction with the new name, the company is launching its new website,

Inte Q’s new just-in-time funding technology for online and in-store consumer programs technology has the potential to change loyalty and gift card program cost structures for retail marketers.  Retailers will potentially save tens to even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by eliminating funding costs associated with cards that are never used and delaying the funding of others until their first use.

“Inte Q associates with ‘intelligence’ which describes our current range of services as well as our development path for future services,” said Jeffrey Harris, president of Inte Q.  ”Launching our new just-in-time gift and loyalty card funding technology, which has potential to change the fundamental cost structure of retail programs, perfectly underscores the logic of our new name.”

InteQ insight-based “smart marketing” starts with intense customer data analysis to reveal visit behavior, preferences and potential. Data insights translate to business strategy and marketing programs with ROI measurement built in as a core metric.  InteQ provides full service creative and production capabilities for resulting direct mail, e-mail, social and mobile campaigns.