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Is Your Online Advertisement Missing It’s Mark?

Shocking results from HubSpot show that an advertisement banner has around a .01 to .04% click rate. HubSpot also points out that 50% of clicks on a mobile advertisement, are on accident. ComScore also indicated that 54% of digital advertisements are never even seen by the consumers.

With the lackluster performance of banner advertisements, companies must find other ways to convey their brand’s message to their consumers. In this article that I read, it points out that the best way to generate conversation is to ask a question that gets your audience’s attention and response.

How does a brand come up with that conversation generating question? Dove brought about a great campaign by asking a very basic question: how do you see yourself? Dove had a sketch artist draw women based off a description of themselves. They then had a sketch artist draw the women according to how an acquaintance describes them. The thought-provoking campaign started a conversation about how critical women are of themselves when a stranger sees their real beauty. The campaign did not even focus on Dove products but it still got the consumer’s attention. The 18,000 tweets and 683,000 Facebook likes show that connecting with your audience is what will make your brand relevant.

The ability to get the consumer involved in the brand and start a conversation will create much better results for the company than a pesky banner on the side of a consumer’s Facebook.

Engaging consumers is the key to getting a brand’s advertisement to resonate. At Inte Q, we see engagement for our client’s brand as the successful tool in driving their brand’s effectiveness. We focus on customer relationship management in order to strength our client’s ability to engage their customers. The infographic below shows how enriching your advertisements will increase your ultimate return on investment.



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