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Email Segmentation

An important aspect of any loyalty program

Email segmentation. Have you ever heard of it? Marketo, a marketing software company recently discovered the relationship of customer engagement within email segmentation. They viewed hundreds of emails to decipher if the consumer base was really reading an email that was more relevant to them.

“What we found is quite clear: small, segmented sends are more engaging than large, untargeted sends.”


This notion of email segmentation is similar to the types of customer segmentation we discuss for each client. If you didn’t know customer segmentation is the process of creating unique customer groups among a variety of attributes to allow for differentiated marketing and merchandising treatments. At Inte Q, we understand that creating customer segments enhances a promotional campaign specifically within the loyalty sector. In order to engage members in a proactive way, a loyalty strategy is needed. A goal of ours is to measure and evaluate the responses of direct mail and email so we can target members for future mailings. We believe that segmentation is a vital aspect of all loyalty programs.


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