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Loyalty Programs: 3 Keys to choosing a Great Name

What's in a name?

whats-in-a-name.pngSo you've just decided to launch a reward program for your company and all you have left is to choose a name. No big deal, right? Choosing a name for your new Customer Loyalty program is no small feat. Keep reading to find out what Inte Q has found are the 3 keys to choosing a great loyalty program name.

Inte Q program manager Karyn Speckels states that "A program name should be simple, clearly tied to the brand, and descriptive of what the program is about." This applies if you're choosing your own program name or if you're receiving help in the naming process. 

A simple yet clever name is easily remembered and will get your customers talking. Tying the new program name to your current brand will allow your customers to associate your brand with a new and exciting rewards program. 

With these few guidelines see what a simple brain storming session brings to the table. Want to know if a program name you are considering is available, Click Here.

After launching numerous loyalty programs, Inte Q has also found that a loyalty program name can determine the success of your program; if consumers can't tie it back to your brand, they will not know where to keep shopping. The program name should be incorporated in all efforts to market the brand. This raises brand awareness for all consumers and thus it also brings you optimal growth.

Stuck on a name or want to launch a program but don’t know where to start? We can help, contact Inte Q today.


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