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Mobile Marketing Can Boost Retail Sales

mobile-marketing.jpgNew ways retailers can reach their mobile customers.

Mobile Marketing has changed the rules in reaching customers for retail companies. Shopping is always on the minds of consumers who want the best deal available. Retailers must take on a more active role to stay competitive with online retailers. The constant advancement of technology allows retailers to increase website traffic and sales with little effort.

Entrepreneur discusses the best ways to use Mobile Messaging

Always Make Shopping Top of Mind

Provide reminders to consumers via email, mobile, or direct mail, to keep your brand on their mind, and your products on their wish list. If you take that a step further and customize the advertising by analyzing previous purchase history, you could provide suggestions for future purchases.

Create Opportunities through Context

Flash sales are a good way to create opportunities in context. These are sales that only are available to those customers who are on your site at the time the sale banner pops up. This will foster excitement in your customers and encourage them to keep checking the site to see what crazy offer your site will have next. With the many outlets to view retail sites, you will have a huge increase in site traffic and sales.

Make the Experience Easy and interactive

Deliver a shopping experience that allows your customers to make informed decisions. Offering detailed product information will make the shopping experience easy. Consumers who feel they have made an informed decision are less likely to feel unsatisfied with their purchase. If a shopper feels fulfilled with a purchase, they are likely to turn into repeat customers.  

Remind Customers to Buy

Keep the communication flowing, the worst thing would be for consumers to forget about your brand. Create a mobile app that also functions as a calender. Notify your customers when products they might like are on sale or remind them when an item in their basket will not longer be on sale. People are busy, if you don't remind them to buy, who will?

Keep an Open Dialogue Post-Purchase

Offer coupons or free items to customers who fill out a survey of their shopping experience. This is a perfect opportunity to keep your customers engaged. Host social media contests. Inviting your consumers to share how much they love products or what they love to do while wearing purchased merchandise can keep the conversation going, and double as free publicity.


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