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Real-Time Marketing

News travels faster than ever before and for marketers this means that their advertisements need to keep up. Real-time marketing help keeps companies relevant during major events.

One of the best examples of real-time marketing is a tweet from Oreo during the Super Bowl XLVII power outage. Oreo had a 15 person team ready to provide real-time marketing during the football game. The tweet read, “You can still dunk in the dark.” They also created an advertisement during the time of the power outage that featured this slogan. This simple tweet received 15,000 retweets as well as 20,000 Facebook likes. As opposed to the television advertisements that took around $4 million to run and months to create, this tweet was just as effective and much less costly.

Real-time marketing allows marketers the ability to take advantage of current events and consumer behavior as it happens. Adapting to the social sphere is important to the success of brands. A survey by GolinHarris found that this type of marketing provides more positive outcomes than regular advertisements.


An eMarketer report also shows that over 72 percent of social media users think that real-time marketing would be most effective for brands. The ability to create real-time advertisements ultimately will help a brand resonate more in the social media world and create more brand engagement with their customers.

Inte Q believes that adapting to current events is the best way to keep our client's brand relevant. While no one can force a campaign to go viral, quickly reacting to a current event or a trending topic significantly increases the chances of getting noticed organically. A brand that is both contemporary and reflective of the news of the day is the best place to be.


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