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Relationship Marketing: It's Time to Commit!

Personalized marketing efforts work; don't be apart of the 50% who rated enterprise data as their most underutilized asset.

Building long-term loyalty is a necessity. This is a belief and general understanding within the marketing world that drives companies to collect enterprise data. Econsultancy identified in their second annual Cross-Channel Marketing Report that only 30% of companies are very committed to relationship marketing. Of those committed, nearly 22% say they fall short in this area due to lack of resources. 

Relationship marketing is more than just collecting enterprise data; it's about using the data to identify how you are connected to your customers. By analyzing this data, companies can determine why customers keep coming back and are provided with greater insight on how to expand their loyalty customer base. Companies using this data in the right way are able to map out and customize marketing efforts to their loyal customers and receive a better ROI.

At Inte Q, we understand the critical importance of our responsibility as a partner within our clients' marketing campaigns and programs. Team members are hired based on strengths to better match our client's needs. This creates a work environment that is cohesive and results driven. We've worked hard to align our internal resources and expertise in such a way that we're ready whenever our clients need our insights. We target niche markets to better tailor our clients marketing strategy to their customer. Inte Q facilitates, creates, and analyzes relationship marketing campaigns to maintain and increase our clients' loyalty customer base. 

Monetate provides a few facts on consumer preferences and how to in the infographic below.  



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