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Social CRM: What's That About?

There has been a huge push in recent years toward adding social media to business' marketing plan. Those that add social media see a increase in brand presence and identification on and off social media sites. This is driving more companies to jump onto the social marketing track. The most important piece of successfully using these sites is to truly have a presence and be active. Many companies believe if they can't dedicate resources to monitor their social media sites, then they should not be on them.

The truth is, even if a brand does not intentionally have a social media presence, they still have one. Now, not only are they not participating online, but these companies are completely unaware of the effect it’s taking on their brand. It takes time to ensure that your brand is positively portrayed online. Social Customer Resource Management (Social CRM) systems are a relatively new technology that can decrease efforts needed to monitor a company’s social media sites while usability and customer interactions increase.


Social CRM’s are growing in popularity and allow companies to expand their social media presence to focus on what people are saying. The worldwide social customer relationship management market is expected to grow according to research from Gartner, Inc. This market increased from approximately $625 million in 2010, to $820 million in 2011. Each year this number is increasing. The idea that Social CRM’s are irrelevant or not effective seems to be inapt. Social CRM’s are consistently connecting consumers and businesses together.

These systems work by monitoring social sites to see who is saying what about your brand allowing marketers to have a better grasp on what they are doing well, what needs to be fixed, and how they can increase their customers’ satisfaction. Social CRM’s allow companies to make the most of their social presence and get closer to what their customers truly want. These focus on looking ahead and being proactive rather than reactive to consumers. Being customer-centric allows businesses to look at and respond to their customers’ needs individually.

Many argue that Social CRM’s are simply Customer Resource Management Systems for online customers. Original CRM’s are not focused on transforming needs and wants expressed by consumers into profits; they turn the tables from selling to relationship building. In order to be successful and to gain the value initially sought after, companies must realize that social media cannot be controlled, it can only be maintained. Getting noticed is a challenge in the world of social media, if Social CRM’s can help then try Inte Q today. 

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