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Trend Alert: Email Marketing

Email trends are continually evolving in the marketing world. We've got the scoop on the upcoming email marketing trends to watch for in 2014.

With the development of email marketing, customer's are expecting a lot from the emails that they receive. They are looking for emails that are relevant to them that are based off of their interests as well as their behaviors.

In order to deliver relevant emails to customers, companies need to take advantage of the information that email marketing can provide them. Email marketing can also shine light on things that may be missed with a mailing campaign. There is a larger amount of information to be collected and utilized from email campaigns. Data mining from these emails has become more essential for marketers who are looking to make a positive impact on their business through email marketing. The infograph below provides insight into the shifting trends for email marketing.

At Inte Q, we provide inhouse email marketing services for our clients. We have been continually developing our email marketing tools to gather tons of data for our clients and provide even bigger results for them. We see the importance of understanding the customers behaviors when it comes to sending emails in order to stay relevant in the eyes of the customers. Inte Q offers a variety of email communications to ensure that each email campaign is tailored to our clients needs.

The types of email marketing offered by Inte Q include:

Lead Nurtuing Emails - Emails that drive sales

Newletters - Easy way to keep customer informed about your business

Promotional Campaigns - Highlights upcoming sales

Invitation Emails - Keeps customers in the loop with special events happening at your company  

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