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Inte Q Hosts Webinar on Paid-Tier Loyalty Programs

CHICAGO, IL., June 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/  - Inte Q, a leader in loyalty and CRM, recently hosted a webinar on paid-tier loyalty programs with RetailWire and its BrainTrust panelists. The webinar, featuring Bill Stewart, Chief Strategy Officer, explains how member-funded programs can recharge customer acquisition efforts, firm up retention, and heighten customer experience.

“Paid-tier programs are paving new ground in the mature field of loyalty marketing and retailers are using these programs to take customer engagement to new heights,” says Stewart.

Paid-tier loyalty programs are initiatives that are member-funded. Often called “VIP,” “fee-based,”  “pay tier” or “premium loyalty,” these initiatives drive traffic and repeat purchase behavior for brands, while introducing brand-building benefits to customers that are positioned as “member only” benefits.

“Brands find value because of the self-funded nature – the programs generate a recurring high - margin revenue stream without inventory costs, capital investment or financial risk,” explains Stewart.

To view this webinar and hear the panel discussion about the benefits of paid-tier loyalty, click here.


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Inte Q builds marketing programs that enhance customer retention, strengthen brand loyalty and drive incremental customer engagement. With over 35 years in the loyalty marketing business, Inte Q is a marketing leader focused on loyalty and CRM programs, paid-tier loyalty programs, marketing strategy, analytics, engagement benefits and platform services. With offices in the US and London, Inte Q serves clients in the retail,  financial services and travel/hospitality industries. For additional information, please visit


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