Case Studies

Multi-Channel Marketing

Generates Better Results than Email or Text Messaging Alone

Our Findings:

The combination of email and mobile (SMS text) messaging to registered mobile devices generates higher incremental spend when tested head-to-head against email only and mobile messaging only.

Mobile messaging outperforms email when each were tested as the sole communication channel.

Our Solution:

In support of a retail client's direct marketing campaign to loyalty program members, Inte Q developed a test strategy to help identify how to maximize the impact of future campaigns by understanding the performance of each delivery channel, both individually and in combination.

Inte Q developed the contact matrix focused on electronic communication delivery consisting of email only, mobile text only and email and mobile text combined - along with control groups for all three segments to be used for evaluating incremental performance for each channel strategy.

Each approach was measured and compared based on incremental sales per customer.

Our Results:

Customers engaged via mobile messaging are more responsive than those that are solely targeted via email. For member communication strategies, the introduction of mobile text messaging as a means of engaging and reinforcing email communication provides significant improvement over relying on email as the sole means of low-cost communication.

When used in combination, mobile messaging and email showed the greatest overall results.

When tested head-to-head as independent communication channels, mobile messaging outperformed email.


Creating Customer Love


Creating Customer Love