By taking a deep-dive into emotional, social, and brand health, Inte Q uncovered key insights into what makes top brands successful and what factors contribute to consumers’ ‘love’ for these brands.

The first industry explored in Inte Q’s recently released Customer Love Report® (Measuring the Emotional Loyalty To Today’s Leading Brands) is Athletic Apparel.

‘Customer Love®‘ in the Athletic Apparel Industry

Due to the popularity of ‘athleisure’ wear, the athletic apparel industry is booming. What once were considered ‘sportswear’ brands are quickly becoming ‘lifestyle’ brands.

Walk down any street and you are likely to see people who look like they’re headed to a yoga studio or a spin class – whether they are or not.

Coining the term ‘athleisure,’ millennials have shown a clear preference for casual attire that could contribute to the continued growth of the athletic apparel industry in the coming years. While established brands have key advantages, up-and-coming companies with clear visions and disruptive concepts can also be promising opportunities.

What Does the Customer Love Score® Tell Us About Nike and Adidas?

Inte Q’s proprietary Customer Love Score® incorporates social, emotional, and overall brand metrics to accurately measure the emotional connection customers have to a brand. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Customer Love Score® provides more than 25 comparison metrics for a brand and competitors – in this case, Nike and Adidas.


  • Nike had a higher overall Customer Love Score® than Adidas with scores of 63 and 55, respectively.
  • When considering what drives a customer’s love for an Athletic Apparel brand, modernity and reliability are the most important characteristics. Brands that are considered ‘outdated’ will soon become obsolete.
  • 75% of consumers who thought their athletic apparel brand was “outdated” were planning on leaving for a competitor and 91% are shopping around.


Revolutionizing Marketing Optimization with the Customer Love Score®

“Using the score as a centerpiece to optimize our loyalty programs and drive personalization strategies, has been a game-changer for our clients.”

Chris Duncan, President, Inte Q

Using the Customer Love Score® to influence campaign targeting has demonstrated a 24 percent incremental transaction lift and a 15% increase in ROI over traditional targeting methods.

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