Look around. How many internet connected devices do you have within arm’s reach? I’d be willing to bet it’s more than just one. In a world where people are hyper connected, your brand must offer a seamless experience from channel to channel, from device to device, and from online to offline.

There is no question that today’s consumers are already using multiple channels before making a purchase. In fact, a study conducted by Forrester Research found that 84% of consumers access the Internet from their smartphones while in a store, and 65% use their mobile device to find coupons online.

Retailers must adapt by enhancing their mobile sites, optimizing product placement and empowering store associates with the resources needed to create a seamless experience from online to in-store.

A loyalty program is central to creating a seamless experience. It’s what connects disparate experiences and provides brands an avenue to effectively manage customer relationships. Whether its VIP level service, personalized promotions, or unlocking surprises for customers, a loyalty program provides the foundation you need to succeed as an omni-channel brand.

Is your loyalty program connecting online to offline data and providing a seamless experience? If not, let’s chat!

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