Before exploring how to connect with customers through an engaging loyalty program, we must first take a look at your brand. Are you stirring up the right emotions with your messaging? Do your customers view you as reliable, honest, and modern – or feeble, insincere, and antiquated?  You must have the proper basic ingredients for a great brand, before you begin adding flavor with a loyalty program.

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Using A Loyalty Program To Prove Brand Reliability

Consumer trust in your brand is based on the consumer’s belief your brand can accomplish its value promise and brand reliability evolves when the brand consistently delivers on that promise.

What can you offer in your loyalty program that establishes trust with your customers? Some examples of how brands have proven reliability within their loyalty program include:

Offering A Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store Option

Customers will begin to count on your brand to have the items they need, and have the items ready when they arrive at your store.

Online Inventory Check On Your Website

If a customer wants to purchase an item in-store, show them online when an item is low in stock. Even better, show them the quantity available. Driving to a store to pick up an item only to discover it is out of stock, creates a negative brand experience.

Offer Points For Out-Of-Stock Items

If an item is out of stock, offer a consumer points towards their rewards program, guaranteeing they will receive a discount when the item is back in stock and purchased. This lessens the disappointment of the out-of-stock item.

Source: Inte Q Proprietary Research Study 2019

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