The busiest time of the year for shopping is approaching. The strongest brands will take advantage of their reward programs by enticing new and current customers to continue shopping. Loyalty program members generate 12% to 18% more revenue than non-members, therefore it is important to generate as many new customers as possible during this holiday season.


1.) Reach Out To Customers Across Multiple Channels: Currently, just 55% of businesses mention their loyalty program on the homepage header, and only 38% do the same on the app homepage ( Make sure your company is getting information out about the current rewards and offers. Alert customer across multiple channels such as SMS, Email, Direct Mail, and App Notifications.

2.) Give Rewards For More Than Purchases: Only 35% of retailers reward customers for activities other than a purchase. Entice more customers to return by giving away rewards for other activities such as following social media accounts, sharing personal contact information, and joining your reward program.

3.) Take Use Of A Tiered Reward Program: Reward your top customers by offering them higher level benefits. In return, the more savings they will receive will encourage them to spend more in the long run. Achieve this by offering specials such as early bird access, higher rewards, and improved return and exchange rules.

4.) Assimilate Charity Into Rewards: Customers during the holiday season value giving back to the community in some way. Evoke this from your customers by giving back to a charity and in return give them some sort of bonus. This offers a rewarding experience for customers, while benefiting charity, and showing that your company cares about the same issue as your targeted customers.

5.) Incorporate Staff: Engage not only your customers into the holiday spirit but also your staff in order to create the best environment and customer service. Doing something as simple as a competition for what staff member can get the most amount of customers to join your loyalty program will boost productivity and create a larger database of customers.

6.) Remind Customers Of Rewards: With customers being sidetracked with their long list of errands, it is important to remind them of your rewards when browsing and checking out at stores and online. This will recall them of the notifications they may have received about your reward program earlier.

7.) Encourage More Spending After The Holiday Season: During the fourth quarter you encouraged many new customers to sign up for your reward program. With their contact information at hand, make sure to send notifications to them about future sales and rewards. Hopefully your loyalty program will retain them for the next year, and many more to come.


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