In their recently released report, Inte Q uses its proprietary Customer Love Score® to accurately measure the emotional connection customers have with leading brands. By combining emotional, social, and brand health data, the Customer Love Score® provides brand-level insights into refining marketing strategies and strengthening customer loyalty.

Customer Love® in the Hospitality Industry

Major players in this industry include Wyndham Hotel Group, Marriot International, and Hilton
worldwide with 8,976, 6,542, and 5,405 properties, respectively, worldwide.

The market size of the global hotel industry was just over 570 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. The U.S. hotel industry is expected to see a 10th consecutive year of growth in 2019. This historical growth is heavily fueled by the rate at which millennials are traveling.

Millennials are expected to make up 50% of global travelers by 2020.

Key Insights:

  • When considering what drives a customer’s love for Hotel brands, reliability, excitement, and modernity are the most important characteristics.
  • 90% of respondents who claimed their hotel brand was unreliable were detractors of the brand, the remaining were neutral.
  • Respondents who said the brand was exciting had a high Net Promoter Score of +43.
  • Respondents who said the brand was boring had a low Net Promoter Score of -65

Revolutionizing Marketing Optimization with the Customer Love Score®

“Using the score as a centerpiece to optimize our loyalty programs and drive personalization strategies, has been a game-changer for our clients.”

Chris Duncan, President, Inte Q

Using the Customer Love Score® to influence campaign targeting has demonstrated a 24 percent incremental transaction lift and a 15% increase in ROI over traditional targeting methods.

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