How Consumers Typically Interact With Their Favorite Brands

When looking at how each age group interacts with their favorite brand, “purchase product in-person” remains the preferred interaction, but the magnitude of this preference is changing amongst Generation Z – with only a 15% gap between the amount of customers who would prefer to purchase a product in-store compared to making a purchase online.

More surprising, Generation Z prefers following a brand on social media equally to purchasing a product online. Today it is not enough to simply have a social media page; Millennials and Generation Zs expect engaging content from the brands they love.

Consider using your loyalty program to foster a social media connection. Offer rewards for interacting with your brand on your social platforms and use social media data to further personalize your communications.

Social Media Tip: Consider partnering with social media influencers to provide a unique package of products and deals to your younger customers to increasing engagement and authenticity. Working with influencers whom act as brand ambassadors and create meaningful content can magnify the potency of an existing loyalty program.

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