The inbox is new again. The pandemic brought email marketing back to the forefront as it reinvented itself to compete with social media.

Out with boring, one-message-fits-all text emails and in with hyper-personalized, precisely targeted, colorful, and even animated creations that light up our screens with highly engaging offerings that educate, inform, and sell.

Email automation with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a real game-changer, incorporating the newest technology that optimizes customer engagement and sales.

Salesforce email can increase open rates because you have the ability to target market segments with hyper-personalized messages easily. Click-through rates also may increase because Marketing Cloud gives you many exciting and different ways to engage customers and guide them to the click.

Sales go up naturally because your customers are more engaged using the most effective channel: email. McKinsey & Company tells us that email is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts at Inte Q can help you maximize your email strategy. Let’s take a quick look at the most critical developments in Salesforce email.

Email Hyper-Personalization and Segmentation Benefits‌

If you’ve ever signed up for an email list, you’ve gotten — and may have unsubscribed from — automated emails. The welcome series is the most common form of email automation. If you want higher customer engagement, click-throughs, and return on investment, it’s crucial to start segmenting your list with that first welcome series.

It’s easy to segment by simply asking your subscribers what their preferences are, what interests them, what their level of expertise is, or any other criteria you choose. When they click on the link of their choice, they will automatically start receiving your prewritten emails tailored for them.

You can even segment as people are signing up, before they ever receive that first email that’s so important in forming their impression of you.

Along with segmentation, hyper-personalization is the hottest, most compelling trend in email marketing. Artificial intelligence can now sift through massive amounts of data to personalize messages that generate higher open rates and increased ROI.

Your automated emails will give you a more than 25% increase in conversion rates when the link in the email goes to a highly relevant, customized landing page. Think in terms of email being the starting point in the customer journey.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Inbox Engagement

Marketing Cloud enables you to quickly design dynamic emails that change content automatically based on data analyzed by AI.

Email marketing has now gone from personalized subject lines and greetings to hyper-personalized content. You simply create content blocks targeting each list segment. AI switches those content blocks depending on its analysis of the recipient.

Some recipients respond better to gamification, while others enjoy watching videos, and still others respond best to a combination of text and images. AI automatically sorts this out for you and delivers the most engaging type of content on an individual level.

Email Automation Help

If you need a little help working through the intricacies of Salesforce Marketing Cloud automated emails, or you want a done-for-you package, Inte Q can provide a custom solution for you. Contact Us to get started.

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