For more than three decades, Inte Q has been instrumental in helping companies grow their business by leveraging thought leadership and advanced technology to effectively engage their customers. That’s why Inte Q is pleased to announce the opening of their new Milwaukee Office – broadening their offering to clients by expanding their CRM, loyalty, and analytics capabilities.

The team at the Third Ward-based Milwaukee Office is made up of an accomplished group of individuals who have extensive client-side experience. Three senior leaders of the Milwaukee team hail from the Wisconsin-based Kohl’s brand marketing and analytics team: Adam Nenning, Nick Ratelis, and Jessica Stemper.

“Having worked on the client side, I know the importance of turning insights into action plans to make a measurable difference. At Inte Q, we go beyond just analyzing data- we use customer data to create innovative strategies and actions that can quickly be utilized to create powerful personalization and engagement opportunities to grow revenue,” states Adam Nenning, former member of Kohl’s leadership and Executive Vice President of Analytics and Activation at Inte Q.

Inte Q employs several other former Kohl’s marketing leaders with diverse backgrounds in CRM strategy, including some of the original team that launched one of the nation’s most successful retail loyalty programs, Kohl’s Rewards.

Chris Duncan, Inte Q’s President and former Kohl’s Marketing Executive, states, “At Kohl’s we continually drove innovation, personalization, and customer centric marketing journeys with data at the core of all our efforts.  At Inte Q we are bringing that expertise to clients throughout the country with our presence in both Chicagoland and now Milwaukee”.

The professional expertise from the former Kohl’s team helped land the business of Claire’s, Inc., a global retailer of fashion jewelry and accessories that recently launched a US-based loyalty program, Claire’s Rewards. Inte Q took a data-led approach to help Claire’s develop their rewards program, starting with centralizing their database and extracting insights from their customer and transactional data, ultimately driving the strategy behind the points-based rewards program. The program launched November 2020 and has consistently outperformed the projected forecast in customer spend and repeat purchase incrementality.

Inte Q’s Milwaukee office offers these services expanded:

  • Personalization Strategies
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Lifecycle and Behavior Analytics
  • Campaign Analysis and Test Design
  • Best in Class Data Visualization and Reporting
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About Inte Q

Inte Q helps client companies optimize customer engagement and build valuable, lasting relationships. By analyzing customer data through the application of advanced machine learning and data processing tools, Inte Q offers strategic recommendations and actionable plans to help companies reach their goals. Inte Q’s hands-on client partnerships simplify customer relationship management and help organizations accelerate their business growth.