Chris DuncanInte Q recently announced Chris Duncan, the former CMO, has become their new President.  Duncan has been with Inte Q since May 2016.  In his new role, Duncan will oversee all operations for the company’s integrated CRM, Loyalty and Personalization programs that enable organizations to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Since joining the company in 2016, Duncan has led all sales and marketing efforts, and led several strategic initiatives. He was responsible for founding the Personalization Practice, which is focused on using technology to personalize marketing at scale and accelerate growth for clients. This team of experienced practitioners works with brands to make sense of the data they have, uncover meaningful insights and activate personalized marketing strategies that create value.

Duncan also established the Product Innovation Team, which enhanced Inte Q’s loyalty platform and created the proprietary Customer Love Score® that accurately measures the emotional connection customers have with a brand. This score provides organizations with a true measure of customer loyalty and offers actionable insights for brands to more effectively target customers and increase ROI.

Given his success, Duncan will now lead all aspects of the company, which offers a consultative, hands-on approach to helping businesses grow.

“Chris has proven himself to be a leader and forward-thinker that will truly take Inte Q to new heights,” said Jeffrey Harris, CEO of Inte Q. “With his extensive retail experience and strategic vision, I am confident in his ability to drive the future success of the company.”

Duncan has more than 20 years of experience leading digital, customer analytics, and marketing teams, at both OfficeMax and Kohl’s Department Stores.

“I am honored to lead a dynamic company like Inte Q,” Duncan said.  “Inte Q is a leader in the industry, employing best in class resources who drive advanced analytics, CRM insights and loyalty strategies that help our clients grow.”