NEW REPORT: Measuring Emotional Loyalty to Healthcare Providers

In their recently released Emotional Loyalty Report, Inte Q takes a deep dive into emotional, social, and brand health data and uncovers insights into what makes top personalized gift retailers successful and what factors contribute to patients’ ‘love’ for these brands.

Today, in the U.S. alone, more than 100,000 businesses sell personalized gifts leading to annual sales of over $27 billion, and these numbers are only continuing to grow.

Customer Love Scores - Personalized GiftsDownload the full report today to uncover what contributes to “love” in the personalized gift industry.

About Inte Q

By using the Customer Love Score® as the centerpiece of campaign targeting, Inte Q has consistently seen an incremental 24% transaction lift and a 15% increase in ROI over traditional targeting methods. In addition to accurately measuring consumers’ emotional connection through the Customer Love Score®, Inte Q provides loyalty strategy, management, and measurement services, a dedicated paid loyalty program offering, and recently launched a personalization practice focused on helping clients personalize marketing at scale and maximize ROI.

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