The Customer Love Score® leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to identify behaviors that indicate ‘Love’ for a brand. Using over 80 different metrics including proprietary brand research, social media listening, and monitoring, and much more, Inte Q creates a single score that accurately measures emotional loyalty.  The score also provides insights and performance metrics, such as Net Promoter Score and share of wallet, relative to the competition.

The Super Bowl can be regarded as the busiest pizza delivery day of the year. Even though pizza chains may not be spending top-dollar on advertisements during the game, many brands will be putting their focus more on limited-time promotions to move their product out the door. Inte Q recently released Customer Love Scores® on top pizza brands, just in time to see what brands and attributes to pay attention to during the busiest ‘pizza season’ of the year.

In an industry worth more than $45 billion annually, Inte Q scores national pizza brands to assist Superbowl fans with their game-day choice: Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, or Papa Johns.

Amongst these top pizza brands, Pizza Hut emerges as the ‘winner,’ having the highest Customer Love Score®, Retention Rate and Share of Wallet. However, ‘love’ is not exactly strong amongst any of these brands and the likelihood for consumers to switch who they purchase from at any time is high.

According to Inte Q’s Customer Love Report, the most important quality when it comes to pizza chains is whether or not consumers view the chain with “positive regard,” the second being that the pizza chain “meets the consumer’s needs.” Other important brand characteristics included “exciting,” “trustworthy,” and “enjoyable.”

This year marks the beginning of an entirely new race in the pizza industry, one that involves self-driving pizza delivery cars and pie-making robots. According to a poll by, 40% of Millennials believing that pizza is the “best food in the world-” it’s crucial that chains keep up with the trends demanded by these consumers.

Download the full “Customer Love Report: Pizza Industry”

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By using the Customer Love Score® as the centerpiece of campaign targeting, Inte Q has consistently seen an incremental 24% transaction lift and a 15% increase in ROI over traditional targeting methods. In addition to accurately measuring consumers’ emotional connection through the Customer Love Score®, Inte Q provides loyalty strategy, management, and measurement services, a dedicated paid loyalty program offering, and recently launched a personalization practice focused on helping clients personalize marketing at scale and maximize ROI.

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