Innovative email strategy techniques based on real-time data allow brands to effectively drive engagement despite COVID-19 challenges.

Inte Q, the leading data-driven customer engagement agency, is empowering companies to overcome the difficulties involved with cross-channel marketing during an unprecedented crisis.

The Inte Q approach helps companies leverage data insights to advance email strategies — increasing quality leads, growing revenue, and driving engagement. As brands emerge from the chaos of the past several months, having an actionable, effective email strategy in place will be integral to their success.

Constant Optimization

One key element of Inte Q’s data-based email strategy is constant optimization through real-time insights. Traditionally, email campaign efficacy has been calculated after a campaign has closed, when it’s too late to make adjustments. While post-campaign insights can be informative when building new campaigns, lengthy campaign and analysis cycles are inherently less effective than real-time analysis.

By harnessing data as it comes in, brands can make immediate changes to refine messaging or hone in on the customer segments most likely to engage. For example, brands can use Inte Q engagement insights to analyze email product placement changes among specific segments.

Companies can tackle several key questions with this valuable real-time insight:

  • How is messaging resonating with less active and more engaged customers?
  • Who should the brand target through emails?
  • Is the brand achieving good deliverability metrics — a measure of overall program reputation?
  • How are ISPs responding to your campaign?

Incremental Adjustments

Inte Q guides brands toward the incremental changes that can positively impact brand success more than sudden, broad changes to content, volume, and frequency.

This measured, results-based approach is critical during these challenging times. Each brand needs to analyze how their unique customers are responding to messaging around topics like COVID-19.

Messaging tone matters, too. Inte Q’s tools give brands deep insight into which customers are reading emails and how they are interpreting messaging. Companies can use Inte Q’s neuro-analytical focus to determine how best to incrementally evolve authentic messaging — ensuring all communication remains sensitive to customers’ changing needs.

A Siloed, Complementary Approach

Inte Q is helping brands develop big-picture analyses as well as granular, highly focused insights. By taking a siloed approach to customer engagement analysis, brands can solve problems for both engaged customers and customers they have yet to effectively reach. They can create separate work streams to evaluate specific messaging and then use that analysis to develop a holistic strategy.

For example, an analysis of a “welcome” email workstream can measure the efficacy of education messaging. Simultaneously, the data related to a re-engagement workstream can help shape marketing to that segment. It is this kind of hyper-focused personalization that sets Inte Q apart from other data insight firms.

As they reemerge in the post-COVID era, companies and marketing officers must take steps now to adjust email strategy. Inte Q customer engagement analysis gives brands the tools they need to build robust email strategies — and to respond effectively to rapidly shifting customer expectations.

Inte Q provides data insights that empower brands to leverage their data to improve email metrics.

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