87 percent statCustomer engagement is critical for building long-term loyalty and effective business practices. More than 87% of surveyed marketers report that customer experience is very or extremely important to their success; this translates to a need for high-quality data that lets marketers personalize at scale.

Inte Q works with companies to aggregate and interpret this data, transforming it into actionable insights that keep customers coming back. Through the recent strategic acquisition of email marketing services agency Den Aviary, Inte Q will help clients increase customer engagement in key areas that include analytics, strategy, and activation.

Turning Insights into Actions

Both Inte Q and Den Aviary have long focused on creating turnkey solutions for clients. Through this acquisition, Inte Q will provide deeper insights, strategies, and support for marketers than ever before.

Inte Q’s data analytics team enables Den Aviary to look at all aspects of the customer relationship and create email cadences that are timely and relevant. After Inte Q analyzes available data, Den Aviary can step in and not just develop a plan, but also implement it.

“We’ve always considered ourselves to be responsible for retention,” says Jason Sisley, in his new role as EVP of Strategy at Inte Q. “The acquisition by Inte Q turns us into a full-service CRM agency.”

The acquisition also improves turnkey capabilities for Inte Q, expanding the company’s offerings and reach. “We now have more than doubled our team that can  manage email marketing programs for our clients,” remarks Inte Q President, Chris Duncan.

Each organization is geared toward engaging customers with data-driven, personalized messaging. Especially with today’s unpredictable market fluctuations, both Inte Q and Den Aviary agree that data is the best available tool for effectively engaging customers.

Connecting Disparate Data Sources

If companies are unable to integrate data from multiple sources, they lack a complete, 360-degree view of who the customer is and what they want.

“Every time you engage with a customer, you get more information about how to better serve them,” says Duncan. “To be effective, you have to bring all of that information together and derive insights from it.”

Inte Q’s analytics group dives deep into consumer data, performing extensive analytics and extracting insights that point to the right activation strategy for reaching those customers. Now, Den Aviary can assist by acting on these insights, providing the expertise necessary to execute email strategies with creative efficiency. That’s particularly important in today’s turbulent economic environment.

Understanding Customer Behavior

One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is knowing how to understand customer data. Email recipients, for example, may not be opening or clicking through emails, but this does not necessarily indicate a lack of interest.

“You can’t interpret data in the same way that you used to,” says Sisley.

If customers aren’t responding, it may be due to the nature of the communication. In today’s economic landscape, many companies have only been able to send out messaging about store closures and general estimates for reopening. How do brands stay in touch when there’s so little to say?

The challenge is finding the right frequency and nature of communications to keep the customer relationship intact. Inte Q’s acquisition of Den Aviary prepares both teams to help companies pinpoint this customer engagement “sweet spot.”

“It is a very exciting time to be leading Inte Q! We continue to invest in our people, long-term growth and client success – even during this unprecedented time. I couldn’t be prouder of our talented group of associates,” states Chris Duncan, President, Inte Q.

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