Here are a few examples of brands that understand how to bring value-add benefits to their customers.

Restoration Hardware
“The new membership program will improve customers’ experience and make the company’s brand more valuable while cutting costs,” states Gary Friedman, Chairman and CEO of Restoration Hardware.

RH puts the card in your basket as a $100 item for checkout on the site, so it’s not a separate enrollment. Benefits include 25% off anytime and other exclusive access benefits.

“Membership has enhanced our brand, streamlined our operations and vastly improved the customer experience,” said Friedman.

A.C. Moore
A.C. Moore’s “Pinwheel VIP” program extends the A.C. Moore brand experience beyond the confines of their stores’ four walls, making the brand more meaningful for customers. This exclusive program is an annual paid membership program offered to A.C. Moore customers for $39.99 and includes over $200 in members-only savings.

“[Our “Pinwheel VIP” program] differentiates our brand and enhances our customer experience!” Anthony Piperno, President, A.C. Moore.

For just $14.99, the 43 million-plus members of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program gain exclusive access to merchandise special deals, discounts, bonus
points, and the popular GameInformer magazine.

Fifty percent of transactions have a PowerUp Rewards card attached to them. “It makes you feel like
you’re a part of this exclusive club,” said Yory Wurmser, retail analyst at eMarketer.

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