New white paper from Inte Q reveals consumers are willing to pay a fee for additional loyalty program benefits.

Inte Q, a leader in loyalty and CRM, has just published a paper on paid-tier loyalty programs. The paper explains how member-funded programs can recharge customer acquisition efforts, firm up retention, and heighten customer experience.

“Brands find value in these programs because of the self-funded nature – they generate a recurring high – margin revenue stream without inventory costs, capital investment or financial risk,” says Bill Stewart, Chief Revenue Officer for Inte Q.

Paid-tier loyalty programs are member-funded. Often called “VIP,” “fee-based,” or “premium loyalty,” these initiatives drive traffic and repeat purchase behavior for brands, while helping focus resources and future investments on their most valuable customers.

“Paid-tier programs are paving new ground in the mature field of loyalty marketing and brands are using these programs to take customer engagement to new heights. Think Amazon Prime, GameStop or Restoration Hardware – these companies understand the value,” explains Stewart.

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