In 2018, more people will want to shop from their mobile devices than ever before. These shoppers will demand a highly personalized, lightning-fast mobile experience.

Harnessing the power of mobile devices is no longer an option for brands – it’s a necessity.

Loyalty Programs Leveraging Mobile

Where the eyeballs go, the money goes – and eyeballs are glued to the screens of mobile devices. If capturing screen time is the goal, then implementing a smart retention strategy from the beginning is imperative. The experience provided the first time a user opens your app will define your success. Show your customer how your app will easily add value to their daily life.

Once your audience understands the value your app provides them, developing loyalty and increasing engagement becomes a lot easier for you. The key is being able to provide helpful or important information to customers in real time. Are they near your store? Offer them a 20% off coupon. Is it raining outside? Offer a discount on the rain boots and umbrellas you sell in your store. The possibilities are endless.

Identifying moments when you can help your customers and providing them with incredibly relevant messaging are powerful tools for building loyalty.

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