Customer Lifecycle Analytics, Customer Journey Analytics

Recognize Behavior Patterns Across the Customer Journey

Gain a complete picture of the customer lifecycle with advanced analytic strategies that compile all sources of customer data – enabling effective acquisition and retention strategies to increase revenue.

Data-Driven Approach

Customer Lifecycle analytics is a data-driven approach to identify the key touch-points where your customers have interacted with your product and service offerings. Inte Q then uses this data to understand how your target audience makes decisions and identify the critical stages in their end-to-end customer lifecycle.


Improve Overall Customer Experience

Identifying and understanding customers’ behavior patterns at each stage in the customer journey can help inform timely acquisition and retention strategies that optimize revenue and reduce customer churn. Additionally, this data can set the direction for content and product development to improve the overall customer experience.


Understanding Your Unique Business

We understand that each of our clients has their own unique business and operational model. The first step we take when approaching customer lifecycle analytics is understanding how your business works. Our analytics team meets with your executive team and business leaders to gain a sense of what matters most to your business. We then work with you to determine core metrics from customers across each lifecycle stage and determine what performance indicators will help get you closer to your overall business goals.