Emotional Value, Emotional Loyalty

Uncover Customer Insights into Emotional Loyalty

Accurately measure customers’ emotional loyalty by analyzing and evaluating more than 80 different metrics, including Net Promoter Score, social media data, proprietary brand and competitor research, transaction data, and more.

Why Measure Emotional Loyalty?

The best brands on earth have one thing in common: They actually matter to people. Those people will defend and evangelize the brands they love passionately. Customers with an emotional relationship with a brand have a 306% higher customer lifetime value and will recommend the company at a rate of 71%, rather than the average rate of 45%. We call this Customer Love. But it is more than just a purpose or theory. We have developed a way to measure ‘Customer Love’– to predict and influence company performance.


Emotional Loyalty Relative to Competition

Our proprietary Customer Love Score® measures individual customer behavior and social media activity to determine how your overall customer engagement and emotional loyalty compares to your top competitors. The score pinpoints which specific brand traits mean the most to your customers. Whether it’s reliability and trust, or modernity and excitement, the Customer Love Score® tells you exactly how to target the emotional values of both your new and returning customers.


Identify Social Media Engagement Opportunities

As social media continues to play an increasingly large role in brand health, it’s important to understand what consumers are saying. The Customer Love Score® takes a deep dive into how consumers talk about your brand, and your competitors. Understand your social share of voice, reach, and engagement compared to competition, and adjust your social strategies accordingly.


Improve ROI with Advanced Marketing Campaign Targeting

Inte Q’s proprietary Customer Love algorithm analyzes behavior while adjusting for seasonality, demographics, and other co-variates; it creates individual-level metrics for each customer on a client’s customer file including: Customer Love Scores®, Net Promoter Score, Share of Wallet, Customer Lifetime Value, Future Spend, Next Visit, Retention Probability, and more…