Marketing Analytics, Campaign analysis

Use Data to Optimize Marketing ROI

Our marketing analytics experts take a deep dive into your campaign performance data with strategies like A/B testing, multivariate testing, and more. We provide advanced campaign testing strategies and strategic recommendations that allow you to optimize marketing ROI.

Getting Started

At Inte Q, we believe in continual campaign analysis and testing to ensure campaigns are reaching maximum ROI. Our advanced marketing analytics team works with you to uncover business goals as well as campaign goals. We then develop a test and learn plan we call a learning agenda which includes a full testing strategy with timelines, reviews of testing results, and customer insights to improve ROI of existing and future marketing campaigns.


A/B Testing

Inte Q’s Genesis Customer Engagement Platform and analytics team offer various methods of campaign analysis and testing. A/B testing is the most simplistic choice, as only two options will be presented to the audience during the duration of the test. A/B testing has been around for almost 100 years and can still be a very effective strategy to optimize campaign engagement.


Multivariate Testing

People are extremely diverse, so coming up with a campaign that will appeal to the vast majority becomes a complicated process. Multivariate testing aims to simplify this by offering a step-by-step process to allow marketers to figure out what their customers want in a timely and orderly manner.


Accelerate Campaign Optimization

Multivariate tests accelerate the campaign optimization process since they allow more than one change to be made. Aside from that, they prevent marketers from adopting a cautious state of mind when it comes to trying out new ideas, since they place no limits on the number of elements that can be modified.

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