Personalized Marketing, Personalization Strategy

Increase Customer Engagement with Personalized Marketing

Detailed marketing personalization comes from understanding your customers’ stories and helps develop authentic connections with them. Launch highly targeted, personalized marketing campaigns that drive your business forward.

Getting Started with Marketing Personalization

Getting started with marketing personalization is where many marketers struggle. Inte Q recommends taking this one small step at a time. We examine all the data pieces you have, put a confidence level on the pieces of information you have about each customer, and begin personalizing based on what you know. As the data you collect on your customers increases, we can layer additional data points over time – measuring the impact of each data layer. If you are new to personalization, we can start small and optimize along the way.


Evolving Marketing Personalization Alongside Customer Data

The cornerstone of our marketing personalization strategy is to determine how best to use information about a customer to inform what you do and how you communicate next throughout their customer lifecycle. This approach can guide you toward more relevant communication based on behavioral attributes. Applying effective personalization does not mean “set it and forget it.” Instead, we are continually tweaking personalization based on evolving customer data. As the amount of data you collect increases, your marketing personalization strategy becomes more intelligent.


Marketing Personalization Without Access to Customer Data

When you don’t have much initial information about a customer, you have a few options available for data gathering. We can start with a welcome email series, for example – to gather more information about a customer before they have moved on, or forgotten about their purchase. Inte Q also offers services to enhance your customer data such as our data quality audit, data appends, data augmentation, progressive profiling, and more.


Real-Time Data Messaging

The use of real-time customer data is an advanced approach to delivering personal, relevant, and emotional messaging. 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. For example, suppose we detect that a customer is about to move or get married. This information opens new points of contact we can make to deliver emotionally connected emails. For customers who have become disconnected from the brand, this kind of information can fuel communication to re-establish a link. We use real-time data features such as real-time rescheduling of appointments, calendaring, bookings and reservations, news and weather updates, and more.