Customer Loyalty, Brand Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Program Support

Customer loyalty program set-up and management are a breeze with our powerful combination of a dedicated account support team and an intuitive, user-friendly loyalty platform.

Program Design and Setup

After completing our proven approach to loyalty program design, your dedicated account support team will set up your points program, CRM loyalty program, or subscription membership in Inte Q’s Genesis platform. We will outline program objectives, set up points earning structures, configure benefits, and more.


Dedicated Account Support Team

When working with Inte Q for loyalty program management, you have full access to a dedicated support team of loyalty program experts. We’re here to provide loyalty program insights and recommendations for improvement on the program. We work with you to design and launch loyalty campaigns to propel your business forward.


Analytics and Test Design

We believe the best loyalty programs thrive because of advanced analytics and continual testing. We design loyalty test programs to continually optimize your loyalty program for increased customer engagement and improved ROI.


Performance Tracking

By using Inte Q’s Genesis platform, you receive access to loyalty dashboards and reporting – giving you an at-a-glance view of the performance of your loyalty program. Our analysts and data scientists continually review performance to derive insights and testing plans. Custom reporting is available upon request.