Follow the instructions below to uncover the phrase. Enter the phrase for a chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card! Entries must be submitted by 9/30/20.

1. This clue is found by visiting Inte Q’s LinkedIn Page. View Here.
What is the first word in the cover image at the top of the page? Hint: Image has a dark gray background and includes a four word phrase.

2. This clue is found in the New Email Signature Image:

    1. Visit the Corporate Communications channel on Microsoft Teams.
    2. Navigate to the Marketing Materials Folder.
    3. Open the Email Footer Folder.
    4. Open the file titled “SCAVENGER HUNT CLUE”

3. This clue is found by viewing Inte Q’s New Brand Style Guide. View Here.
What is the second to last word on page 2?

4. This clue is found in the new Capabilities Presentation. View Here.
What is the last word on slide 6?

Remember! Inte Q’s Brand Style Guide and all other updated marketing materials can be found in the Corporate Communications Channel on Microsoft Teams. Visit the Marketing Materials Folder.

Enter The Phrase

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    Terms: This contest is available to Inte Q Associates only. Must be a current Inte Q employee to win. One entry per individual. Electronic Gift Cards will be awarded via email.