Campaign Automation, Campaign Optimization

Deliver Automated and Personalized Messaging

Use customer data to inform and automate your marketing initiatives – letting you know what messaging and timing is best for each customer segment.

Use Real-Time Customer Data for Campaign Optimization

Data is the foundation for personal, relevant, and emotionally intelligent messaging. Our technology is built to ingest, activate, and transform unlimited amounts of customer data, flexibly and without friction, with enterprise performance and security.


Optimized Marketing Strategies and Workflows

Our team will help you optimize the technical flexibility of our platform to maximize your marketing agility. Activate new customer data feeds to personalize or trigger messages. Use data integrations to connect our platform with your existing technologies.


Cross Channel Communication

Connect with every customer on the right device, at the right time, with the right message regardless of time, place, or stage in the customer journey. Leverage everything you know about your customers for effective campaign optimization.


Data Connections

Build on all previous touchpoints to create relevant brand experiences unique to each person and messaging channel. Send personal messages through email, mobile push, in-app, and SMS—and use integrations to connect channels we haven’t even thought of yet.
» View our Pre-Built Data Connectors.


Email Automation

As consumers increasingly demand relevant brand experiences, email has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the bottom line. Leverage customer and business data to personalize email content in real-time, trigger emails based on events and behaviors, and automate campaign optimization using machine learning.


Communicate Timely With SMS

With an exceptionally high open rate, SMS messages are at the forefront of mobile marketing. Trigger timely SMS messages based on customer events or behaviors, connect SMS campaigns with other messaging channels, and reach your customers with targeted, personal communication.