Customer Engagement Platform, Increase Customer Engagement

Get the Most Value from Your Data

Leverage customer data in insightful new ways with Inte Q’s Genesis Customer Engagement Platform. Genesis accepts data as-is and drives intelligent decisioning with unified profiles, segmentation tools, and more.

Customer Engagement Platform, 360° Customer Profiles

360° Customer View

Connect disparate data sources to develop deeper customer insights and improve ROI with a unified view of every customer. Real-time data health dashboards continuously measure data quality and highlight data enhancement opportunities that can boost response rates and elevate personalized messaging.

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Data Connectors

Pre-built connectors offer a fast and cost-effective way to easily integrate and aggregate data from hundreds of sources.  Build robust customer profiles from disparate data sources and activate customer segments without relying on your IT resources.

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Customer Engagement Platform, Data Connectors

Audience Segmentation, Customer Segments

Customer Segmentation

Build custom segments on the fly using Segment Builder’s point and click features, no coding required! Or use our comprehensive list of pre-built Segments that leverage advanced AI and machine learning models to build segments by customer lifetime value, retention probability, and more.

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AI Modeling and Customer Scoring

Get customer scores that utilize AI, machine learning, and advanced modeling techniques – including customer lifetime value, customer migration, propensity, look-a-like, emotional, social media, brand scoring, and more.

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Customer Engagement Platform, Customer Scoring

Campaign Automation, Campaign Optimization

Campaign Automation and Activation

We help you track and act on customer data to deliver automated engagements across the web, email, social, and sales channels based on who the customer is and how they have engaged with your brand in the past. This informs your advertising initiatives by letting you know what messaging and timing is best for each segment.

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