Customer love index inte qBy focusing on emotional relationship building, brands are able to increase wallet share and turn their best customers into their biggest advocates.

Our emotions have been proven to be a bigger driver of our purchasing decisions than what we actually know about a brand. In fact, emotions are the driving factor behind all buying decisions. – And retaining emotionally loyal customers actually COSTS LESS than retaining customers who are simply transactionally loyal.

Inte Q has developed a proprietary Customer Love Score® that accurately measures the emotional connection customers have with a brand and provides a new approach to refining marketing strategies and strengthening customer loyalty. In their recently released Customer Love Index®, Inte Q publishes the Customer Love Scores® for leading brands – including Starbucks, Google, Amazon, and more.

What’s Inside the Customer Love Index®?

From banking to hospitality, to technology and many more, the Customer Love Index® explores consumers’ emotional loyalty to leading brands across numerous industries. By taking a deep-dive into emotional, social, and overall brand data, Inte Q uncovers key insights into what makes these brands successful and what factors contribute to consumers’ ‘love’ for these brands.