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Loyalty Programs that Drive ROI

We understand that loyalty programs are not one-size-fits-all. We develop your loyalty program from the ground up or assess your existing programs to help you improve retention and drive ROI.

Loyalty Program Design

Loyalty programming is a continually evolving marketing landscape that requires agility and robust planning to leverage effectively. Our flexible approaches to customer engagement allow you to approach loyalty programming using methods designed for your business, with the latest industry best-practices on your side.


Our Loyalty Program Design Process

Our loyalty program design process begins with a detailed program analysis. We use this insight to shape strategic program recommendations tailored to your business and the unique qualities of your customer base.

Loyalty Design, customer loyalty


Gather and Summarize Stakeholder Feedback

A key part of the design phase is to gather input on the key objectives of the loyalty program and marketing initiatives. The program design and measurement plan should align with the organization while being financially feasible and driving value for the customer.


Gather and Summarize Customer Feedback

Inte Q creates and receives customer feedback through quantitative research. The survey gathers feedback on shopping selection triggers, selection priorities, impact of a loyalty program, and more.


Assess the Competitive Environment

Inte Q identifies the marketing efforts and programs offered by competitors, providing synopses of best-in-class retail programs to compare and contrast program options.


Design Program Structure and Model Financials

We perform an in-depth analysis of your customer and transaction data. This is a key critical part of any loyalty or CRM initiative. Once complete, we develop program structures based on your data with the objective to drive incremental purchase behavior at a reasonable cost.


Technology Assessment

Inte Q outlines the various data inputs and outputs and identifies gaps within your technology landscape. Inte Q then delivers a systems integration outline and marketing eco-system diagram based on current and near-term platforms.