Enhance Customer Experience, Reward Your Customers

Premium Loyalty Programs to Fit Your Brand

Our subscription-based loyalty and membership programs can be launched in less than 90 days. From program development and management to subscription billing, we design programs customized to fit your brand with positive ROI from the start.

Subscription and Membership Loyalty Programs

Often referred to as premium loyalty, paid loyalty, or membership, these programs provide an enhanced level of access to experiences, savings, and valuable benefits that go beyond what a free loyalty program offers, you integrating your brand into a customer’s everyday life and strengthening the relationship with your brand.


How it Works

Subscription Loyalty Programs are a way to differentiate and expand upon a traditional loyalty program and are designed to keep your best customers coming back for more. With a premium loyalty program, members pay upfront for access to benefits right away, rather than waiting for points to accrue.


Subscription Billing

Easily manage recurring payments with Inte Q’s subscription billing platform. We handle credit card processing for your members, making setting up a subscription billing program quick and easy.


Marketing and Materials

When it comes to communicating your subscription program to your customers, Inte Q makes it simple. We provide strategic creative direction as well as access to our creative team for development of communications about your program – from in-store signage and associate training materials, to membership websites and email communications.


Premium Loyalty Calculators

Subscription loyalty programs are not only accepted by consumers but appreciated and embraced if they provide value. They have proven to generate significant incremental revenue and profits for retail organizations across the U.S. Find out the incremental revenue a subscription loyalty program could provide your brand with our premium loyalty calculators.