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Program Metrics

Standard and customizable reports are available with CustomerIQ, LoyaltyIQ, and The Customer Love Score®. Receive reports and visualizations on everything you need to know about your customers and members including:

  • Customer Enrollment
  • Segmentation by Store
  • YoY Retention
  • And so much more
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Customer Love Score® Metrics

Inte Q’s proprietary Customer Love® algorithm analyzes behavior while adjusting for seasonality, demographics and other co-variates; it creates individual-level metrics for each customer on a client’s customer file including:

  • Customer Love Scores®
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Share of Wallet
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Future Spend
  • Next Visit
  • Retention Probability
  • And more…

Individual scores give brands the ability to create advanced targeting and personalization strategies that drive incremental results.

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Data Explorer

Maximize the value of your data and develop actionable insights to make smarter marketing decisions.

Leverage the powerful combination of our experienced team of data scientists and advanced data driven tools to grow your brand. Gain the insights needed to make data-driven marketing decisions through a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior.

This advanced data exploration tool allows you to ask business questions and get answers in seconds. Instantly tap into your data to set an informed, proactive business strategy, rather than waiting on a monthly report to guide a reactive decision-making process.

  • Search-based data discovery using natural language
  • Mobile friendly access gives you fast answers to pressing questions
  • Advanced algorithms analyze billions of your data points in seconds
  • AI and machine learning features work to pinpoint what’s really going on in your business
  • Drill down, full data exploration and collaboration features

Data Explorer is an intuitive tool that gives business users, not just data analysts, the ability to ask questions and get immediate answers.

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Customer Service

The Inte Q Genesis Platform provides functionality to help you easily answer member questions and manage member expectations.

The customer service module features are controlled through the Site Admin user permissions.  This module can be used as self-service and accessed by your customer service team, or by the Inte Q customer service team if you prefer full-service management of your loyalty program.

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