Reach Analytics, the leading provider of automated predictive marketing for brands, today announced being chosen by Inte Q, a leading marketing and analytics agency, as their predictive marketing platform—greatly advancing the agency’s capabilities in consumer profiling and customer acquisition for clients.

Inte Q is a marketing agency, specializing in loyalty programs, CRM and paid-tier marketing programs for many great client brands including Adidas, Reebok, Eileen Fisher, Complete Nutrition, Pep Boys and more. Reach’s automated predictive platform will help the agency better understand their client’s customers and allow them to maximize relationships over time.

The Reach Analytics predictive cloud offers marketers the unparalleled ability to create predictive profiles in real time, without needing to wrangle data and or involve data managers or data scientists. To produce each profile, the Reach platform builds hundreds of predictive models behind the scenes and algorithmically regresses to the best fitting model, in minutes.

Real-time profiling means marketers can use the platform to rapidly build consumer profiles based on their segmentation strategy of choice—per product line, per geography (zip, state or region), per channel, per store, or per purchase type (online versus offline; high avg. purchase), etc. The platform produces the consumer and ideal prospect profile and instantly makes prospect information available for download based on the results.

“What’s impressive is how Reach has automated the entire process – from model building to customer profiling to prospect generation. Honestly, what they do is amazing and incredibly innovative,” said Steve Kietz, President at Inte Q. “Their ability to analyze customer data and profile consumers is way beyond what anyone is doing in the market. Other companies say they’re doing the things that Reach is actually doing.”

After a careful evaluation process across multiple levels in the organization, Inte Q selected Reach’s automated predictive platform in order to quickly generate full and accurate profiles of their clients’ customers, create more effective acquisition campaigns, and develop more relevant customer strategies for clients.

“Brands want agencies to reduce complexity across the board. Agencies are on the hook to connect all the pieces and just make things work—no excuses—especially when it comes to the sea of advertising and marketing technology,” said Bruno Delahaye, CEO at Reach Analytics. “Predictive technology has become a mandatory part of the marketing stack and Inte Q’s commitment to making it a seamless part of their offering is going to put them ahead of the hype.”

In the past, marketers were accustomed to making assumptions about ideal customers and potential buyers, often attributing traits to segments like “Eco-Conscious Moms” based on anecdotal evidence or severely fragmented data, which—when put to the test—failed to correlate to, or predict, future purchase behavior.

Inte Q chose Reach’s predictive technology to gain the power to analyze hundreds of variables and characteristics and get a true, dynamic view of consumers that will help uncover their clients’ best prospects.

The Reach Analytics predictive cloud is a predictive intelligence platform designed for brands and new customer acquisition. It lets consumer marketers, for the first time, uncover insights about their customers and find prospects – faster, easier and more accurately than previously possible.

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About Inte Q
Inte Q builds marketing programs that enhance customer retention, strengthen brand loyalty and drive incremental customer engagement. With over 35 years in the loyalty marketing business, Inte Q is a marketing leader focused on loyalty and CRM programs, paid-tier loyalty programs, marketing strategy, analytics, engagement benefits and platform services. With offices in the US and London, Inte Q serves clients in the retail, financial services and travel/hospitality industries. For additional information, please visit

About Reach Analytics
Reach Analytics provides automated predictive solutions for brands – powering customer acquisition and marketing programs across all major consumer industries. The Reach Analytics Predictive Cloud enables marketers to develop a deeper understanding of their customers and accurately discover and reach their best prospects. With market-leading modeling and data analysis, Reach Analytics supports growth and creates profitable business results for customers. Find out more at