Email Communication “How-To” During COVID-19

Inte Q Whitepaper - "How-To" During COVID-19

A  staggering  48.16%  of  emails  are  marked  as  “junk  email,”  and  automated  spam  filters are only growing stronger (2). Pandemic or not, having a solid deliverability rate is crucial to your campaign’s success and reach. So, how can your brand break through all of these barriers? With the help of this whitepaper and professional deliverability metrics, it’s actually much easier than you may think. Inte Q’s team of seasoned experts breaks down the importance of a strong deliverability strategy…download the whitepaper below to learn more.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Email Communications

Anything  online  right  now  will  be  consumed  (and  scrutinized)  more  than  ever  before  and  it’s  not  the  time  to  become  invisible  and  hope  for  the  best.  Now  is  not  the  time  to  try  to  force  brand  equity,  but  it’s  important  to  maintain  it  with  your  customers.  Being  thoughtful  with  your communications will go along away, and it’s also important to pay attention to what your competitors are doing at this time.

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