By focusing on emotional relationship building, brands are able to increase share of wallet and turn their best customers into their biggest advocates.

Building an Emotional Connection Matters

Inte Q has developed a proprietary Customer Love Score® that accurately measures the emotional connection customers have with a brand and provides a new approach to refining marketing strategies and strengthening customer loyalty.

From banking, to hospitality, to technology and many more, Inte Q’s recently released report explores consumers’ emotional loyalty to leading brands across numerous industries. By taking a deep-dive into emotional, social, and brand health, Inte Q uncovers key insights into what makes these brands successful and what factors contribute to consumers’ ‘love’ for these brands.

measuring emotional loyalty article, measuring customer engagement

Emotions are the driving force behind 50% of all buying decisions*

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the Customer Love Score® analyzes and evaluates more than 80 different metrics, including…

  • Net Promotor Score
  • Real-Time Social Media Data
  • Proprietary Research
  • First Party Transaction Data
  • And More…

…to accurately measure the emotional loyalty to a brand.

More On Customer Love®
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SOCIAL INSIGHTS: Target’s high influence relative to the number of mentions implies an investment into influencers. It could also be related to the urbanicity of Target customers relative to Walmart.
measuring emotional loyalty article, measuring customer engagement

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