We prioritize loyalty and customer engagement at every step.

Inte Q develops customer engagement strategies and data insights centered on the human element. We’ve mastered the fine art of applying modern data analytics to customer-focused brand building, for a stronger overall business model. Our loyalty programs and advanced customer engagement strategies are designed for optimal ROI, increased incremental revenue, and long-term success.

We offer expert strategies and support in the following areas:

Data and Technology Services

Our multi-prong approach to data and technology services focuses on attracting new customers and building relationships with existing customers through improved CRM systems, database management services, and more.

By working with your existing toolset, we help connect data sources and enrich your data intelligence to offer a complete, 360-degree view of your customer.


Analytics and Insights

Inte Q delivers actionable insights that your team can put to use right away. We utilize a full suite of analytics tools to dive deep into the story of your brand — where an organization has been, how it got there, and how its teams can use that knowledge to navigate the next move.

By leveraging our six key areas of expertise — Customer Insights, Data Science, Personalization, Loyalty Strategy, Visualizations, and Merchandising Insights — we offer best-in-class predictive analytics and data analysis to provide the marketing insights you need to create stronger customer connections and propel your business forward.


Strategy and Activation

We help our partners deliver authentic customer experiences that drive activation and long term loyalty. Using advanced customer engagement strategies, we help you more effectively acquire and retain customers and deliver personalized experiences to the right people at the right time.

With highly targeted marketing campaigns and comprehensive datasets, we can help drive revenue and create lasting customer connections at every point in your sales funnel.


Strengthen customer loyalty, drive ROI, and maximize the value of your data with Inte Q.

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