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Marketing Activation

Advanced marketing activation strategies take your marketing campaigns to new levels, increasing ROI and customer engagement. In an age where consumers expect more personalized experiences than ever, your brand needs to know as much as possible about the people you are targeting. We develop strong datasets to inform segmentation, modeling, decisioning and creative so you can deliver the right message to the right person at precisely the right moment.

We help you foster engagement and deliver messaging to customers at every stage in the customer journey. Then, we take it one step further by developing marketing attribution strategies including digital attribution and online/offline measurement.


  • Selection
  • Measurement
  • Design
  • Targeting


  • Digital Attribution
  • Online/Offline Measurement

Email Services

We deliver ideas and execute email programs that turn good email marketing into exceptional results.

Email Strategy

We’re not just about creating an impressive email program , we want all the work we do with you to make sense for your company — both now and in the future . Our insight into a variety of niche markets helps us to create impressive and strategic programs that work for our clients.

Email Operations

Automation. Deliverability. Dynamic messaging. We are committed to making email as effective and revenue-building as possible. Email can be one of your most effective brand tools — if it’s used correctly. And with our ability to optimize and leverage analytics as well as create the most cutting-edge tools, we will make every email you send pay off.


Improve your email reputation by increasing deliverability. Inte Q uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning approaches to spot spam-like trends in the stream of outgoing email coming from your servers and applications. Outbound filtering detects and automatically blocks email from compromised accounts, hacked servers, exploited WordPress plugins, and more.

Data Analytics

Data is what drives our ability to produce effective communication for our clients. By properly measuring and defining what success is at the outset of a project, we deliver work that can quantifiably and objectively analyzed, optimized and ultimately realized. We’re all about the numbers.

Creative Services

No matter how strategic your communication might be, it needs to look good. That’s where our creative department comes in. Eye-catching visuals paired with compelling copy brings the work we do to life and helps us to create strong branding that has the ability to pay off well past a current project.

Program Enhancement

Take your email engagements to new levels with enhanced digital features:

  • Gamification
  • Digital Tool Sets (Digital Scratch-Offs, Dynamic Content, Dynamic Barcodes)
  • Personalization
  • Hotspots
  • Carousels
  • Animated Images Based on Data
  • Countdown Timers
  • And more…

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