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Analytic Services

At Inte Q, we understand data is the foundation to truly understanding customers and building  strategies that engage and inspire them. Using predictive models incorporating the latest in AI and machine learning, we pinpoint opportunities to engage customers and drive behaviors to improve ROI.

Our approach to analytics is focused on six key Centers of Excellence:

Customer Insights

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Lifecycle Analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Retention Strategy


  • Technology
  • Process
  • Algorithmic Assessment
  • Content Metadata

Data Science

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Media Mix Modeling


  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Storytelling

Merchandising Insights

  • Market Basket
  • Product/Brand Affinity
  • Seasonal Analytics
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Supply Chain

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