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Loyalty Program DesignInte Q has been building successful loyalty programs for more than 20 years. Our focus on customer engagement and loyalty allows us to help our partners design personalized loyalty programs grounded in data analytics and insights.

As part of our Loyalty Program Design services, we deliver:

  • A detailed evaluation of your environment
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape
  • Insight into operational and technical opportunities and challenges
  • Robust customer analysis and segmentation
  • Financial modeling to help you understand the impact of various loyalty structures
  • Final recommendations and implementation plans for a CRM or loyalty program that will drive positive ROI

Depending on your organizational needs and the analysis of your customer data, we may introduce points-based, non-points based, or membership-based programming, as well as other exciting ideas for leveraging your data to build long-term loyalty.

Our Loyalty Program Design Process

Our loyalty program design process begins with a detailed program analysis. We use this insight to shape strategic program recommendations tailored to your business and the unique qualities of your customer base.

Membership-Based Loyalty Programs

Today’s consumers are bombarded with “exclusive” loyalty memberships and incentives. It’s crucial to enter this marketing environment fully prepared with a unique offering.

How It Works

Membership-based loyalty programs (also called “VIP,” “Paid Loyalty,” or “Premium Loyalty” programs) provide specialized bonuses designed to entice existing customers. These programs drive traffic and repeat purchase behavior back to your brand by engaging your best customers with members-only benefits to loyal, fee-paying customers.

How We Do It

Inte Q will leverage the power of your data to recommend the most promising loyalty program for your brand. The right premium loyalty program will power up customer engagement, loyalty, and incremental revenue. With access to hundreds of benefits, we design a membership-based loyalty program as unique as your brand.

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Will Customers Pay for a Premium Loyalty Program?

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