Customer profiles, Buyer personas

Advanced Customer Insights and Profiles

Develop deeper customer insights and improve ROI with advanced, individual customer profiles. Dashboards monitor real-time data quality and highlight data enhancement opportunities to boost response rates and elevate personalization.

Accept Data As-Is

With Inte Q you can stress-less, we ingest your disparate data sources “as-is” to reduce your reliance on your internal IT resources. We also give you full access to your customer database and data mart for customer analytics.


Unified Customer Profiles

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is tracking an individual’s journey across multiple channels, devices, purchases, and interactions – which leads to a disjointed and inconsistent customer experience. Inte Q uses profile unification processes to unify your first-party customer data, gain a comprehensive single customer view, segment and analyze customers, and power customer lifecycle analytics.


Customer Record Management/CRM Management

Going beyond a typical customer data platform, the Inte Q Genesis Customer Engagement Platform provides consolidation, matching, householding, and deduping.


Data Quality and Data Cleansing

Inte Q provides NCOA, CASS services as well as data enhancements that allow you to add thousands of data points to complete customer profiles using reverse and demographic appends.
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Data Health Dashboards

Our Data Health dashboards give you an at-a-glance view at the health of your data. Quickly view the number of records with incomplete or missing information, collection match rates, number of households, percentages of active customers, and more. Data health indicators highlight areas for data improvement.