Data Management Services

Gain a 360 Customer View with Inte Q’s Cloud-Enabled Technology

Customer IQ’s open architecture is flexible and configurable – it easily scales based on your business needs. Customer IQ maximizes the value of your data by creating a 360-customer view so you can develop actionable insights that drive growth for your business.

Customer IQ

A cloud-enabled solution that improves the quality and accessibility of your data.

Inte Q leverages more than 25 years of database development experience to bring you CustomerIQ, a professionally tailored solution that maximizes the value of your customer information.

Created by our experienced data science team using a comprehensive suite of data processing tools, CustomerIQ keeps your data clean, organized, secure, and accessible for multiple authorized users, regardless of device.

With CustomerIQ, you will maximize the value of your data and develop actionable insights for your marketing team. CustomerIQ puts the information you need right at your fingertips, giving you a clearer picture of your customers’ behavior. You will make informed decisions that drive your growth, and your data stays protected.


Flexible and Scalable

Inte Q’s Customer IQ product provides ETL processing for millions of records, with unlimited customer interactions from various sources. It provides a customer database and data mart used to develop customer analytics. Customer IQ comes with a full-featured API library and is fully integrated with best-in-class technology such as Snowflake, AWS, Talend, Swagger and Tableau.


Accept Existing Data As-Is

With Inte Q you can stress-less, we ingest your disparate data sources “as-is” to reduce your reliance on your internal IT resources. We also give you full access to your customer database and data mart for customer analytics.


Real-Time Processing

With Real-Time Data Processing you can create trigger-based lookups and real-time communications, like emails and text messages, with customers based on behaviors. Empower your entire team with data insights in real-time, cloud-enabled dashboards.


Customer Record Management/CRM Management

Going beyond a typical customer data platform, the Inte Q Genesis platform provides consolidation, matching, householding, and deduping.


Data Hygiene and Enhancement

Customer IQ provides integrated data health services to ensure your data can be optimized, including CASS, NCOA, customer matching, email hygiene, Householding and Demographic data appends.


Data Health Dashboards

Our Data Health dashboards in Customer IQ give you an at-a-glance view at the health of your data. Quickly view the number of records with incomplete or missing information, collection match rates, number of households, percentages of active customers, and more. Data health indicators highlight areas for data improvement.
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Data Security, Privacy and Compliance

Customer IQ safeguards your customer privacy with secure, encrypted data compliance practices. At Inte Q, we are PCI Level 1, SOC II Type 2, GDPR, and FIPS Compliant.
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Data Democratization

As a Snowflake Certified partner, your data will be made available throughout your organization using Snowflake instances for cross-department collaboration.
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Data Integrations

Inte Q is technology agnostic and supports customer data integrations with any technical solutions as needed by our clients – often through our Data Connectors pre-built integrations. Customer IQ and the Genesis platform are fully integrated with hundreds of data and digital platform providers.
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