Customer Scoring

Advanced Models Increase ROI

Get customer scores that utilize AI, machine learning, and advanced modeling techniques – including customer lifetime value, propensity, look-a-like, emotional, social media, brand scoring, and more.

Customer Love Score®

Inte Q’s proprietary Customer Love Score® leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, to analyze and evaluate more than 80 different metrics, including Net Promotor Score, real-time social media data, proprietary brand research, and first-party transaction data to accurately measure the emotional loyalty of each individual customer.


Advanced Campaign Targeting

Inte Q’s proprietary approach analyzes customer behavior while adjusting for seasonality, demographics, and other co-variates; it creates individual-level metrics for each customer on a client’s customer file including: Net Promoter Score, Share of Wallet, Customer Lifetime Value, Future Spend, Retention Probability, and more. Individual scores give brands the ability to create advanced targeting and personalization strategies that drive incremental results.